Blue With a Hint Pink Fashion Ensemble.

Getting back at blogging…I really like it, but it doesn’t come naturally to me, the writing part that is. 🙂

ALL BLUE! and the oh so trendy stripes, denim wedges and tassel earrings, what’s not to like!img_6499img_6570

Top and Wedges: Burlington Coat Factory | Jeans: Old Navy | Wristlet: TJ Maxx | Earrings: HM | Sunglasses: Loft.


Oversized Army Green Bomber Jacket Styling.

Now days my style has evolved into a more easy, comfortable and practical one. Having  3 kids 3-year-old twin girls in the mix, who also love fashion, getting dress is a lot more challenging in the mornings  when is time to take the oldest to school, sometimes I keep it super low maintenance with workout clothes, but strictly to workout in, not to run errands in… so as I was saying the core of my style has always been basic pieces like jeans, shorts (I love shorts!) and mix them with trendy and attractive pieces.




I try to put together easy, but stylish pieces to create the illusion I put effort and money into my wardrobe, but definitely without breaking the bank my #1 priority when it comes to dressing.

How do I do this you might ask? I try to pick up garments that look like their pricier because they appear to have quality, when they might not so much on some of the cases, not always and look for details that don’t look cheap, like integrated chain necklaces and stuff like that.


Top: Target | Bomber Jacket and Hoop Earrings: Ross Dress For Less | Sunglasses and Shoes: Forever 21 | Cropped Skinny Jeans: Gap | Rings: Burlington Coat Factory | Bag: Vintage Coach.




Layer a Button Down Shirt under a Crop Top.

This is one cool trend for some of us who don’t have the tightest midriff to show with a crop top only. I find that with a shirt looks more polish, but is  a matter of taste and is as stylish with a t-shirt.  Give it a try to experiment with corset like tops, strapless or just thick or thin strap fitted top with prints or without, very fun indeed.



White Button Down Shirt: Loft | Sunglasses and Cropped Top: Forever 21 | Jeans: Ross Dress for Less | Earrings: HM | Oversized Tote: Target.