New found skill (Piñatas)

A year ago or so, I felt a huge need to do something creative and out of my comfort zone.

Since I was a kid, I kept trying to create and always manage to come up with fun and out of the ordinary things. I love a good challenge and very much appreciate the rewards that comes from making something out of unconventional materials and even more so if it ends up being super inexpensive. I don’t have any professionals skills, but what I DO have is excitement for colorful beautiful things and the will and desire to learn. With some research and common sense I  jumped into the challenges happily, but soon after I started to realize this was NO easy task!. If you want the final product to be a great quality one It takes lots of patience and elbow grease, but nonetheless is very manageable.

Having 3 kids and being a stay at home mom constantly challenges me to come up with new and creative ideas to meet everyday needs and wants and because of that I apply some of my believes which are:

  • No matter how tight your situation money wise, there is always an opportunity to live beautifully with what you already have.
  • Being mindful with money and looking at things in a different angle, bending your point of view a little or a lot (in some cases) to see the hidden potential.

…So, to fulfill in some way my needs and wants I had to put on my thinking hat and come up with something that could also generate some extra money on the side and save some money at the same time for my kids parties, thankfully only two parties, because my girls are twins. So I had a bunch of cardboard and a dollar store very close to my house and started experimenting and this are some of my favorites. I’m very proud of the end result!

I hope you like it too!

Photography by the talented