The Art of Layering.


Layering can be overwhelming, but is a matter of taking one piece of clothing at the time and considering, style, cut and color.

This all works because I to the first item the cold shoulder top and looked at the cut and got sure it worked seamlessly under the simple lines of the dress, then the camouflage jacket is in good proportion in length with the dress and jacket and the last thing is to keep in mind the pattern which in this case the flower are dominant, but because there’s green on the leaves and the jacket has that similar tone of  green it goes really well together.



Rails Agnes Patch Jacket • Rails •

Abbeline Velvet Burnout Mini Dress •

MICHAEL Michael Kors Embellished Cold-Shoulder Sweater • MICHAEL Michael Kors •

Gabriella Rocha Delya Crossbody Saddle Purse • Gabriella Rocha •

Perforated Low Cut Booties •